CrossFit is a training system that works the entire body as a single functional unit by functional exercises, constantly varied executed at high intensity. The CrossFit combines three main types of exercises, metabolic, gymnastics and weightlifting by which it is intended to work equally major physical abilities of human beings, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and accuracy.


One type of CrossFit program goes through these stages: Heating: as in any other physical activity, warming is an obligation to avoid any kind of injury. In the case of CrossFit, heating is articulate and dynamic. Technique: because every day is different training, it is important that the coach explains the exercises to be performed. In this way, you will learn and improve necessary to successfully complete the training technique. Work Out of the Day (WOD) translated as "training day)", it is the core of CrossFit class. This is a series of short, intense workouts that always are timed, and may include any type of functional exercise. The duration of each WOD depends, and can range from five to 30 minutes. Stretches: as important as warming up at the beginning of any physical activity, stretching are required to complete, return to the idle state, and thereby avoid unwanted injuries. The coach is also responsible for directing the stretching session.


The CrossFit emerged as a method of training for police, military and firefighters but because of its effectiveness and adaptability has spread worldwide getting both meet the physical needs of a competitive athlete and a sedentary user.


Box: Training place where CrossFit is practiced.
WOD: The training is done every day. It changes daily and is never the same.
As RX D: It means that the athlete has made the WOD by weight and indicated mode.
Scaled: it means the WOD was adapted to a particular person or weighing simplest form.
Rm: It is the most weight the athlete can lift in a specific exercise. 1rm: Increased amount of weight in a repeat / 5RM: Most weight in five repetitions.
Hook Grip: Hold weights in which the thumb is placed around the bar, treading the index and the same in order to prevent the fall of the bar.
Kettlebell (kb): Weight of Russian origin into a ball that has a handle for gripping. There are different weights and are used for different exercises such as: Swings, Snatch with arm, Farmer's Carry, etc.
D.U: how to jump rope in which the rope passes twice under the feet in a single jump.
HSPU: Hand stand push up. Exercise that is performed by a vertical against the wall and a push-up until the head touches the ground and returns to the original position.

OHS: Over head squat. Squat made while the arms hold a wide grip the bar above his head.
T2B: Toes to bar. The sportsman hangs from a bar and makes getting the toes to the bar.
Burpees: A bending and a jump. They are widely used for warmth.

AMRAP: (As Many Rounds As Possible). It is to perform the greatest possible number of rounds of the combinations given exercise in a given time. (For example: Amrap 20 minutes You have 20 minutes to make as many rounds as you can)
EMOM: (Every Minute On a Minute). It is this kind of WOD is sought perform a number of repetitions of an exercise (or more) within a minute for as many minutes as possible. The time remaining since the end of the marking period to the end of the minute's rest. The EMOM ends when the athlete can not finish within one minute or after the minutes marked by the coach.
TIME: Another form of training is to perform a certain number of rounds goal in a limit to meet the target or make the combination of exercises given time, as quickly as possible.
TABATA: 8 rounds are carried out in 20-second run from intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest and the number of total repetitions are counted.

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